December 12, 2012

Court Administration, Jönköping
six sculptures in solid surface
Commission for Statens Konstråd 2012
Photo: Bert Leandersson

Jacob Dahlgren has created a playful public work for the new court building in Jönköping, Sweden. The works resembles the classic computer game, tetris, one of the most popular computer games ever produced. The game was invented in 1985 by the Russian mathematician Alexey Pazjitno, and has its roots in what is popularly called recreational mathematics. The game is to stack the bricks at each other, so that they create full rows.
In Jönköping, Dahlgren relocated from its two-dimensional historical context, an updated three-dimensional reality. Like the original, each shape has a different color, but Dahlgren has not followed the original strict division of the geometric shapes. The sculptures are a puzzle on a monumental scale. They get to remind foreign object that had fallen from the sky. Four have landed outside, two inside.