The wonderful world of abstraction is an installation that works on two levels, literally as a piece that is present in two floors of the building, and as two different artistic expressions - when seen up close it takes the form of a monumental, abstract sculpture and seen from a distance it is visible as a large abstract painting.

The wonderful world of abstraction deals with a variety of contradictory relationships: it is monumental in one sense, as the form is a solid mass but at the same time, because of the material - silk, it is an installation with a flowing, textile feeling.

When situated underneath The wonderful world of abstraction there is a silk roof hovering over ones head, the lounge area is therefore accentuated by the installation, and thus creating a meeting area that feels welcoming and intimate.

When standing upright in the lounge area ones head will be engulfed by the piece. This creates a close encounter with the installation, and makes for a playful effect that is rare in the abstract art field.

The tactile elements brought about by the silk are interwoven with the strictness of the striped abstraction.

The wonderful world of abstraction will never be completely static. Movements within the building, a mild form of interaction, will affect the silk ribbons. This creates an ongoing, subtle change in the striped pattern, and as a result The wonderful world of abstraction come alive.