May 4, 2014

Hair Shirts
Curated by: Sally O’Reilly
28/4 – 4/5 2014

According to archaic conventions, striped clothing was the mark of the treacherous or transgressive. The high- contrast, hard-edged stripe served as a hazard sign and a visual analogy for the uncomfortable proximity of convicts, prostitutes and butchers to Godfearing folk. For Hair Shirts a current news item, featuring a latter-day rogue bearing an ancient family name, is re- written each day as a very, very short story. Colours from the corresponding heraldic coat of arms then dictate the T-shirt selection, so that Jacob can become penitent or pariah on the anti- hero’s behalf.

28/4 2014
Rising from gas board worker to Formula One tycoon, then narrowly escaping losing all to his statuesque ex-wife, Ecclestone is now being hauled over the coals for bribing a banker.

29/4 2014
A 140 year-old village shop has closed down after TV presenter Portas performed an onscreen makeover, introducing unpopular epicurean stock stacked on cheaply made shelves, which buckled.

30/4 2014
Michelin star restaurateur Terry dismissed as banter the complaints, from his only female chef, that she was slapped on the behind, taunted with earwigs and dead mice, had fish rubbed in her face and was shut inside a freezer when pregnant.

1/5 2014
In a university address, Hambling described another artist’s film – a much-acclaimed critical revisionism of slavery – as ‘frightfully boring’, adding that ‘slaves would be very handy’ and that she wouldn’t mind a few herself.

2/5 2014
Among the presenters of the world’s most watched factual television programme, May is identified with boring automobile safety precautions. He was photographed, by a passing motorist, talking on the phone while driving along the motorway.

3/5 2014
Although within his rights to shoot dead the two spaniels that were killing his livestock, including his grandson’s pet chicken, farmer Glover was unfortunate in that one of the dogs he buried belonged to a veteran sitcom actress.

4/5 2014
When his own daughter called to complain, Mayor Macri eventually apologised for claiming that cat calling in the street is a nice compliment that all women secretly like, and which he occasionally gives out himself.