March 2, 2014

STRIPES from earth to heaven
Curated by: Annika Ström
24.02.2014 – 02.03.2014

In Peruvian culture women apparently wears horizontal stripes while men vertical, as an expression, I think of erection/stability. Gangsters have wide stripes, English bankers have thin stripes, they are almost gangsters. The Devil Wears clothing with vertical direction also does jugglers and fools. In old times, prostitutes were depicted in vertically striped clothes. The prisoners in concentration camps had stripes in the vertical direction. Dresses with diagonal direction is known as flattering and accentuates curves. All women know that you look fat with vertical stripes. I feel sorry for Jacob in his shirts, that he must walk in parallel level and negotiate horizontally with the world and with all people. I want Jacob to beam up from earth to heaven. Michel Pastoureau has written a book; the devils cloth, about stripes, which I have not read