April 22, 2012

Stripes Everywhere, All-day
Curated by: Thomas Whittle
16/4 – 22/4 2012

I am wearing a striped t-shirt today. Jacob was right: it does make me feel like I am wearing geometrical abstrac- tion. Surrounded by abstract statistics, abstract advertising and abstracted social media we would be forgiven for forgetting that t-shirts can be abstract art too. The power of the striped t-shirt can be flattering; emphasising shape and form, much like stripes in painting. Stripes describe, add texture, colour and dazzle the eyes. Stripes fit into all themes of thought on abstraction from cubism to drunken ‘50s paint- ers to psychedelia to cold monumental minimalism.
For Jacob, I wanted his week to dazzle, jittering with textures and new shapes. I wanted to emphasise his form and fashion with outfits combining conflicting and complimenting colours. Embedded in this play is silliness and impracticality; the t-shirt is sometimes just too sensible. We, as wearers of the great t-shirt, forget that they make fantastic head appendages, neck scarves, back-pocket fillers, waistband huggers and tank-top roll ups. This layering and playing with striped t-shirts opens up endless possibilities for texture, form, mixing colour and patterns much in the way that painters play with their own paint library. Jacob invited me to view his library and I had a party with all the t-shirts in that big storeroom in Stockholm.