December 20, 2013

Neoconcrete Ballet
Galleri Andrehn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm 2013
Size: 348 × 490 cm
Material: MDF-board, plugg, screwdrivers, people
Construction: Nordikon
Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

A built up a wall that become part of the architecture in the gallery.
People where positioned behind the wall.
The wall was thus perforated by multiple drill holes, holes that was further highlighted by different coloured plugs. Drilling and filling, slowly constructing an abstract painting. The viewer witness the action as the drill-tip exits the wall and the corresponding wall plug was pushed through to seal the newly formed space. Plugs of various colours and sizes where used.
The participating people behind the wall had one rule to follow; just make geometrical shapes. Within these geometrical boundaries each individual could create there own contribution. The collective effort created the finished work. Each participant had to communicate with the others, both creatively and physically, as the space was limited. The sound of the different drilling machines corresponding with each other become part of the work