June 19, 2011

Heaven Is a Place On Earth
Minimalism and Applied II, Daimler Collection, Berlin 2010
Materials: Bathroomscales and Aluminium
Size: 3 × 3 meter

Referencing the minimalist tradition of exploring the relationship between the body and the object, Heaven is a place on earth takes this association one step further and invites the viewer to become at one with the art object. Far from the industrially fabricated materials of its minimalists, the recognisable, readymade IKEA scales act as a clear request for engagement. With its differing formations, this work allows for an assortment of encounters and subsequent readings of each instalment – from an evaluation of minimalist forms and methods to institutional critique, to an orchestration of the audience’s movement throughout the gallery, Heaven is a place on earth merges the everyday with the legacies of modernist art with ease.